Architecture dating

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Architecture dating

The architect was known as Master Peter, one of the few architects who have been recorded at this time in Russia.The exterior is characterized by narrow windows and double-recessed niches, which proceed in a rhythm across the façade; the interior walls reach a height of 20 metres (66 ft).A large part of Russian architecture developed independently and was characterized by national and local features.After the fall of Kiev, Russian architectural history continued in the principalities of Vladimir-Suzdal, Novgorod, the succeeding states of the Tsardom of Russia.Its apse points towards the river, which provides a welcome sight for ships approaching from the Baltic.The shingled roof resembles the bochka roofs popular at the time.Russian architecture follows a tradition whose roots lies in early Russian wooden architecture (inclusive various indigenous elements) and in the architecture of Kievan Rus' with its centers in Veliky Novgorod and Kiev.While Russian or Rus' architecture and culture was in many cases inspired by the Byzantine Empire, the influence was also limited.

It was constructed in 1406, and the primary difference is in building material.The walls were built from local quarrystone, which contrasted with the red bricks.The ground plan of the church is almost square with four pillars, one apse and one dome.Brick was also used for the pilasters which delineate the façade.It was originally plastered, but underwent restoration after it was damaged during World War II.

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Its austere thick walls, small, narrow windows have much in common with the Romanesque architecture of Western Europe.