Antique silver dating marks

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Antique silver dating marks

To verify the authenticity of antique silver isn't an easy task.

We record this peculiarity (more explanations later) and we proceed with our test. Coherence between hallmarks' date and actual production of the item in this age In our case the question is: were coffee pots already produced in England in 1745?

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The first one, usually applied by the more appreciated silversmiths, was the 'raising' technique, which consists in hammering a plane sheet of silver until body's pot was shaped and high quality items were obtained.

A close inspection of our pot's inside shows its crafting with 'seaming' technique, with an evident vertical soldering line where fits the handle and a round soldering line where the base fits.

The lid was obtained by 'raising' with no soldered parts (apart the finial).

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