Angola dating email

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Angola  dating email

Provision of Troops The two sides have agreed that each will provide half the new 40,000-member army, but because Unita has only ground troops, the Government will supply all 6,000 members of the air force and 4,000 members of the navy.

Guarantees of the armed forces' political neutrality must still be worked out.

Under the agreement, a small United Nations observer force will monitor the cease-fire during preparations for international-supervised elections, to be held between Sept. A Single Army The Luanda Government and Unita have further agreed to create a single 50,000-member armed force.

But the cease-fire also became possible because the warring factions apparently reached the conclusion that neither side could win on the battlefield.

While the Government controls the capital, Luanda, as well as the coast and the oil-producing areas, the rebels occupy much of the arid south and east of Angola.

In Angola, the governing party, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, set the stage for the move to democracy when it dropped its commitment to Marxism in March.

Since then, the formation of new political parties has been permitted. Announcing plans to return to Luanda early in July to start preparing his campaign, the 56-year-old Unita leader said he would recognize Mr.

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Under the Angolan accord, which was initialed by negotiators here on May 1, the two sides agreed to build a unified armed force, to strive for political pluralism and a market economy, and to work together until free elections are held in the second half of 1992.

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