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Alex ovechkin dating

Maria and Alexander were considered one of the most beautiful couples in the world of sports: Ovechkin made an offer to the chosen one, got a five-bedroom house in Washington and was preparing to organize a magnificent celebration.

At present, the Ovechkins feel very happy and optimistic. I should also mention they bought a new dog after the Yorkie departed. The couple might have owned him before the Yorkie, but at least it’s nice to know they have other dog friends.

Here's a list of girls who have never had a chance to tell Ovechkin the coveted "yes" at the Registry Office. "Miss Russia", who worked on television, decided to get an interview with a hockey player.

According to rumors, an enviable bachelor and ladies' man (yes, Ovechkin was just like that! This interview, which did not end at the command of the operator "Stop", grew into a romance.

And here there are no more myths and legends: the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games Maria Kirilenko and Alexander Ovechkin were really serious!

The tennis player was next to the hockey player longer than all his other girls - the athletes were together for three years.

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According to the legend, Alexander himself did not know anything about Sokolova's relationship with Listerman, at first. After that quarrel Sasha and his bride (Ovechkin was seriously going to marry!

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