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Whether you're a Tulsa-native who never misses a spin class and is just so damn close to perfecting your pesto recipe or not, don't forget you're not Date Bot 3000 who likes doing people stuff, eating food and partaking in the occasional sports ball.

Don’t even think about posting a dating advert without a photo. You meet, and the blood drains from their face as they realise that your photo was taken 10 years, five stone and 500 wrinkles ago. You don’t have to write someone an epic love letter (please don’t) – just pick out a couple of appealing points in their bio and write a quick intro message. Some rookies assume that they must answer every email, even if it’s “thanks, but no thanks”. “Thanks but no thanks” can feel more hurtful than no reply.However, I have no idea what a "dating profile" should look like, sound like or entail. A lot's changed in a short amount of time, and it's totally understandable you're feeling like Robin Williams after he busts out of Jumanji.I've spent some downtime writing around 15 of these profile bios, and I'm utterly embarrassed by each one. Before you download anything, I want to tell you something: Don't be embarrassed. Don't just say you like to travel, say you're trying to visit every bottle cap factory in America.You'll find you're far from the only person out there handing out compliments to women.And because it's so common, it comes off as insincere. Something else -- you mentioned that women don't thank you for the compliments.

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No one has the time or emotional fortitude for that) and some general do's and don'ts of creating a profile. You might be on a platform that gives you only a few hundred characters in which to express your charming self. Your feelings on fun would be notable only if you hated fun -- that would be a headline (also, you might be a psychopath). (Looking for low mileage either way, though, amma right?

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