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Advantages of consolidating exhibit houses

The web of the I-beam and the core of the sandwich panels carry the beam shear stresses.

The core in a sandwich panel differs from the web of an I-beam in that it maintains a continuous support for the facings, allowing the facings to be worked up to or above their yield strength without crimping or buckling.

The design of glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels uses a knowledge of its basic properties under tensile, compressive, bending and shear forces, coupled with estimates of behavior under secondary loading effects such as creep, thermal response and moisture movement.

There are a number of differences between structural metal and fiber-reinforced composites.

A sandwich panel is a composite of three or more materials bonded together to form a structural panel.

It takes advantage of the shear strength of a low density core material and the high compressive and tensile strengths of the GFRC facing to obtain high strength-to-weight ratios.

In general, fibers are the principal load-carrying members, while the surrounding matrix keeps them in the desired locations and orientation, acting as a load transfer medium between the fibers and protecting them from environmental damage.

The fiber orientation in each layer as well as the stacking sequence of various layers can be controlled to generate a wide range of physical and mechanical properties for the composite laminate.

GFRC cast without steel framing is commonly used for purely decorative applications such as window trims, decorative columns, exterior friezes, or limestone-like wall panels.

AR glass fibers should have a Zirconia content of more than 16% to be in compliance with internationally recognized specifications (EN, ASTM, PCI, GRCA, etc).

A widely used application for fiber-reinforced concrete is structural laminate, obtained by adhering and consolidating thin layers of fibers and matrix into the desired thickness.

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Light steel stud framing is similar to conventional steel stud framing for walls, except that the frame is encased in a concrete product.