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Business Space Pro is a Linked In community collaboration software built for teams looking for a productive way to find and work with each other. Chameleon Administration demo will show you that you are going to have full control of the dating site.You are going to edit pages, users, write bulk messages, set minimum user's age, change the design, languages, set options for free and paid members, set max video size, and do hundreds of other useful things! Chameleon Affiliate Program demonstration will show you the process of joining an affiliate to the program.You will choose banners and text links to place on your site.After placing them on your site you can get clicks and earn money.He wrote that he can give 500 bucks for the real home address. Looks like there are new customers who were scammed by Scam company.A few members of that forum supported the idea of giving money to any person who can get the real address of the Russian Scammer Dmitry Rudakov. Learn more here: Here is the original text; “Again, I will pay ANYONE 0 dollars for a verified home address of Dimitry Rudakov, the owner of

Here is a post made by one member of that forum: ” I must praise the cooperation with moderators of DP.Now Hiding Domain Info Also I found that its competitor Wazzum helps Abledating customers who were ripped off by Russian Scammer Dmitri Rudakov. I’m currently helping her get her site setup because you ripped her off.Wazzum now helping Abledating Scam Victims Here are the facts how Wazzum helps Abk-soft’s customers: Wazzum: “I unlike you, have a heart. Does the name Laura Mc Iver ring a bell, you scammed her too.I just got the Abledating about 2 weeks ago and right after I installed it, I started having problems with it. Graphic by Joel Becker/Dunn County News " data-medium-file=" have two open tickets with them and it’s been 7 days and nothing yet. It would seem that they only respond to questions about buying the software and just disregard all other questions. w=282" data-large-file=" w=300" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-49" title="scammed_by_abledating" src=" w=282&h=300" alt="scammed_by_abledating" width="282" height="300" srcset=" w=282&h=300 282w, w=141&h=150 141w," sizes="(max-width: 282px) 100vw, 282px" / Hi all. I purchased Abledating and bought program modifications for ,000 – some of them were to fix the software bugs!

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These can be (ab)used to higher their Pagerank, but also infect your visitors/members and even you. If you read my blog there was one of the first posts where I described the case how Abledating robbed a guy and how Abledating representatives were rude to him.

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