A non religious dating a mormon

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A non religious dating a mormon

“My husband and I have had to become much more intentional about the ways that we relate to one another.When you have the same belief, you assume a lot without asking.

At least he has for me by questioning why I think what I think.

“I have become more liberal in my thinking because of him and changed Lutheran denominations because of that,” says Julie.

“We both can agree, and I love the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

But I’m often curious about how he sees something differently, so I ask.” Nolan, an atheist married to a former Methodist, echoes Alise.

“It’s opened up a lot of discussions, and we’ve learned a lot about each other through conversations about our core beliefs.” Others say the difference has increased their mutual trust.

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I’m more liberal now, and a lot of my friends act like I’m crazy, especially about abortion issues and gay rights.