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4 dating tips

Knowing the other person so well can make you so comfortable that you forget your manners.

After a while, you get to know them better: what they do, where they work, what they do on their free time, and whether or not they’ve been following *a conversation topic that, by the way, may make or break your relationship potential*.

Learn to ask the right questions and don’t be too pushy when it comes to things that they don’t feel comfortable sharing. Inject some well-meaning and witty jokes to keep the atmosphere from being too serious.

Don’t brag about your sexual exploits, and try to steer clear of talking about your past relationships. Come on, it’s still just a few dates—it doesn’t mean you’re off to marry each other. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t try too hard to impress your date.

And, of course, it’s obvious that you like each other a lot.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shave your legs tonight, or that you can go without your breath mints this time.

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One good strategy for not scaring off your date by coming off as sex-hungry is by making it clear to your date that you’re just not in it for the sex.

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  1. “For instance, I hear all the time of people saying things like, ‘He only dates Asians,’ or, ‘She has chocolate fever.’ Relationships just happen, and it’s about having a connection with someone on an emotional level, not about who they have dated in the past or who you think they’ll date in the future.”“My husband and I live in Denver but we travel often, and this past year have been RVing around the United States.

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