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I really, really tried to enjoy this film more than I did but in the end I just found it to be way too predictable, pretentious and boring.I will start off with the biggest problem and that's the Samantha character, which of course is the computer system. This system is supposed to be super intelligent yet in reality she's just as stupid as any other female character in a bad romance because who with any intelligence would fall for someone like Phoenix? How about the "other" woman who is brought in for the sex? Again, I respect what Jones was trying to do but in the end I thought the screenplay was rather hollow.As they start spending time together they grow closer and closer and eventually find themselves in love.Having fallen in love with his OS, Theodore finds himself dealing with feelings of both great joy and doubt. Check out these events, The Panoply Beer and Wine Garden and The Dating Game 2, that are perfect for an evening out sans the kiddos.

Panoply 2013 Beer List: Location: Big Spring Park Cost: per day or per weekend; children 12 and under are free Looking for love? The second installment of The Dating Game is certain to bring both.

A twenty-something transplant from California, Cora is a beautiful blond with brains & brawn to match her looks. Because of her occupation we are unable to release the real name of this 30-something bachelorette until the night of the event.

We can, however, share a few details: this bouncy blond loves wine and recently traveled to Italy to indulge in the best vinos on the planet.

The inaugural event in February was attended by nearly 100 people.

The best part: two bachelors featured in the show are currently dating women they met at the event.

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